Pep Guardiola’s joke to Sergio Agüero: “are you taking everyone to Miami?”

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The manager and ex-City striker met on the pitch in Istanbul ahead of the Champions League final.

The Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter has brought the opportunity for two old friends to meet each other once again. Kun Agüero, a pundit for ESPN Argentina and Pep Guardiola, City boss, were both on the pitch at the Atatürk Stadium in Istanbul ahead of the showpiece event.

Guardiola, during a moment recording for TV, interrupted the interview to say hello to Kun. The Catalan immediately told the journalist interviewing the ex-City striker that “everything he says is a lie!” before both of the men shared a friendly hug , showing the positive relationship they maintain after working together for Manchester City.

“Are you taking everyone to Miami?... Messi’s already there!

Shortly after, Pep’s punchline came in for the kill: “Are you taking everyone to Miami?” the coach joked, “Messi’s already there!”. The Argentine striker has recently moved to Inter Miami (in case you didn’t know). Kun, in typically good fashion, continued the joke: “Yeah, well, I’m collecting them up...”

After the quick exchange between the club legends, Pep invited Kun to the pre-game dinner between the squad and technical staff that will take place 24 hours before the big kick-off to the European final, the second in Manchester City’s history.

Agüero trained at the Inter Miami gym

Kun Agüero, after finishing his career as a professional footballer, dedicates his time to streaming and collaborating with various media outlets, as well as running his own businesses, such as his eSports team. One of the residences the ex-striker owns is in Miami, hence the joke from Guardiola.

Just a few months ago, while the Argentinian national team travelled to Qatar, Kun commented that he had been using the facilities at Inter Miami’s training centre and that they had even invited him to train with the first team once he was given the all clear after his health problems.

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