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Emiliano Sala inquest finds Cardiff forward died 'of head and chest injuries'

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An inquest into the death of Cardiff City forward Emiliano Sala has found that the 28-year-old died of "head and chest injuries".

The inquest into the death was opened in Bournemouth on Monday afternoon at 1.30pm.

Assistant Dorset Coroner Brendan Allen delivered that news that Sala had been identified by his fingerprints.

Wales Online report that: "The inquest has heard Emiliano Sala was identified by finger print evidence.

"The cause of death, which was established after a post-mortem, is given as head and chest injuries. A pathologist described the cause of death as “head and trunk injuries”.

"The inquest has been adjourned. The full AAIB investigation into the plane crash is expected to take between six and 12 months, although an interim report is due within a fortnight."The inquest also heard that Sala was officially pronounced dead last Thursday.

His body was found in the Piper Malibu aircraft discovered on the foot of the English Channel.

The forward's body was recovered, although the body of pilot David Ibbotson is still missing.

On Monday morning, Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley was criticised for what was seen as an "insensitive" interview with Ibbotson's wife and daughter in which he questioned why they wanted to search for the body.

"So let's be clear, you're not asking for the wreckage of the aircraft to be brought up, because experts are saying that's pretty much impossible given the conditions you've mentioned," he said.

"But the one body has been brought to the surface, and now clearly there'll be a funeral, and you want the same privilege if it's possible, and you've been told that that process if successful would cost about £300,000, and I've just been told that your find has reached 140 after just a few days, so you're almost half way there.

"Tell us just why it's so important to recover the person that's lost. Psychologically, why's it so important to you to have him back?".

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