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Buffon: 'PSG offered me new deal'

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Gianluigi Buffon confirms Paris Saint-Germain “offered me a renewal and we’ll meet to understand if we both consider it right to go forward.”

There have been multiple reports over the last few weeks that PSG had decided to part company with the Italy international after just one season.

“The club offered me a renewal and this makes me really very happy. It’s very gratifying,” Buffon told Sky Uno chat show ‘E poi c’e Cattelan.’

“We will meet over the next few days to look inside this project and understand if we both consider it right to go forward.

“I am happy in Paris, I’m having an exceptional experience that at the age of 40 I really wanted to enjoy. I arrived here convinced that I would challenge myself as a player and as a person and I found what I was looking for in that moment.

“In Italy we have this wrong-headed perception of French football, which in my view is admittedly less tactically-evolved than in Italy, but is still very difficult on a physical and technical level.

“There are many very talented individuals of world class level. There are teams like Lille and Lyon who in Serie A would comfortably finish in the top five and that means I think the level of Ligue 1 is on a par with ours.

“If a side like Rennes, who we lost to in the Coupe de France and who beat Arsenal 3-1 in the Europa League, despite finishing eighth in Ligue 1, that means the level is pretty high.

“We should be a little more humble when judging other leagues.”