The best social reaction to Man City's Treble parade from Oasis to Calvin Klein

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Manchester City held their open-top bus parade around the local streets to celebrate their 2022-23 Treble - and social media was on hand to add to the hilarity.

Jack Grealish was one of the many stars on display - despite partying almost non-stop since Saturday night - while thousands packed Manchester's streets, mostly in City's sky blue.

Here's Mail Sport's look at some of the wildest tweets about Man City's bus trip on Monday evening:

There were an estimated 100,000 fans on the streets of Manchester - despite a common heckle that the Citizens are a club without fans.

One commented on this, saying: '“Manchester City has no fans”' and then 'Man City treble parade right now', alongside an image of blue and white waving fans.

While the picture cannot possibly be of Manchester - the sea is noticeable in the background - it is not too dissimilar from some of the pictures of fans celebrating the trio of successes over the past few weeks.

An amazing picture of a topless Grealish stretched out like a messiah attracted a lot of attention - and not just because the midfielder is revealing his underwear.

Journalist Nick Harris called it a 'Great photo', before adding 'Also has Oasis album cover vibes. Noel will write a track about figurative crucifixion, which will be the first single. Liam will denounce it as pants. "And I don't mean cool pants, like Jack's."'

On the sight of Grealish's white pants, fellow reporter Martyn Ziegler tweeted: 'Best bit of publicity for Calvin Klein since Back To The Future,' in reference to the hit 1980s film.

Many favourably compared Grealish's antics across Turkey, Spain and now England with those of Freddie Flintoff after the 2005 Ashes series.

One wrote: 'You’ve seriously got to respect the commitment to the piss up from these City players, there’ll be some rough heads over the next few days.

'Jack Grealish is having his Freddie Flintoff moment and boy is it deserved, the trooper.'

Fans were able to revel in the moment - and the two day gap between the victory in Istanbul and the pageantry in Manchester meant that more fans were able to return from Turkey in time to celebrate with their family.

One tweeted: 'Some 5 days that will never be topped. still hasn’t sunk in properly.

'Straight home to pick the lad up to end it p*** wet though at the parade and wouldn’t want it any other way. What a club.. what a journey @ManCity Never ever change'.

Not all fans were in blue though - with one choosing to turn up in a Manchester United shirt emblazoned with their retro sponsor Sharp, a callback to the 1999 Treble winners on the other side of town.

Someone shared a snap of the man, adding: 'This Manchester United fan wore the United jersey to Manchester City's treble parade. Ah this man'.

Another tweet shared pictures of the 1999 parade next to the 2023 journey, which showed that Man City were much more colourful in their blue dominance, while Manchester United's route through the city looked a lot more pedestrian.

Despite their non-stop enjoyment since securing the final result in Istanbul 48 hours earlier, the players were still able to tweet about the parade to their millions of Twitter followers.

Kevin De Bruyne, who came off injured on Saturday night, wrote: 'Lost for words!' alongside a sky blue heart emoji, and four pictures from the parade.

Bernardo Silva also used the blue heart emoji alongside the caption 'What a day!', and an image of the blue Mancunian streets from Monday's parade.

And with his Manchester City contract up, this could be Ilkay Gundogan's last time with this set of players - and he was eager to celebrate every last moment with them.

Gundogan wrote: 'Another emotional & unforgettable day. Thanks to every fan welcoming us back in Manchester.'

While the guy in the retro Man United shirt may not be on the same wavelength, Manchester City fans will never stop welcoming back their Treble heroes.

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