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Gerrard reveals his slip against Chelsea STILL haunts him six years on

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Steven Gerrard has opened up on his infamous slip against Chelsea and admitted he still thinks about the 'brutal, cruel low' more than six years on.

Liverpool had the Premier League title in their hands towards the end of the 2013-14 season when Gerrard lost his footing and allowed Demba Ba to score at Anfield.

Chelsea ran out 2-0 winners on the day, and the defeat allowed Manchester City back into the title race. Liverpool saw their best chance of finishing top in more than two decades disappear, with City eventually finishing top by two points.

The incident has haunted Gerrard, who ended his career without a Premier League winners' medal, ever since - and he doesn't believe he will ever be able to forget the slip which effectively cost his side the title.

'I park it up but it comes back, all the time,' the Rangers boss told The High Performance Podcast.

'What triggers it? I don't know. TV. Images. Just me reflecting. I am someone who thinks a lot. I always try to tap into experiences.

'This is not a thing that happens every single day, but it was such a big moment.

'I've had lots and lots of moments, some incredible moments, which I never dreamed of.

'But your career takes you to some lows as well. It would be easy if you lifted the carpet, pushed them under and you never thought about them again. But I don't think that's ever going to be the case.'

Gerrard says he decided to call time on his time at Anfield and move to American side LA Galaxy in 2015 on the back of 'a real, brutal, cruel, low in my life'.

Expanding on how his slip affected everyone connected with Liverpool, Gerrard added: 'I felt like part of me healed more, than any of those feelings.

'I know not only did it hurt me (in 2014), it hurt a lot of people who had followed this club for many, many years.

'Liverpool fans commit themselves to that club.

'They love the club, it's in the heart. I've lived with it for 20 years and more.

'I knew what that meant, that Premier League (title), to an awful lot of people. My own family, to me. I mean, the way the club were with me, during that time, which will remain private.'

Gerrard watched on with pride as Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool's current crop finally ended their wait for the title after 30 years last season, winning the Premier League title comfortably following an outstanding campaign.

And the former England midfielder insists that he wasn't jealous to see others - including some former team-mates - lift the trophy instead of him.

'During that run-in, to win the Premier League, it was special how that club were with me,' he added.

'You've still got the relationships with all those people and stuff. I think a lot of people were probably wondering whether I was jealous, but no.'

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