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Power of football! Netherlands concert turns into celebration after comeback win

  /  Msu469

After the Netherlands team defeated Turkey and returned to the Euro semi-finals for the first time in 20 years, a Netherlands musician shared an interesting detail on his social media.

A video shared by the musician and the Netherlands Football Association shows a concert in the Netherlands on the evening of July 6th. Upon learning that the Netherlands team had come from behind to beat Turkey and advance, the concert instantly turned into a joyous celebration. The originally scheduled pieces were replaced with songs celebrating the Netherlands football team, and the audience, who were previously quiet, started singing and dancing with the musician on stage, celebrating the hard-fought victory.

The musician, named André Rieu, is a renowned Netherlands violinist and conductor. He is famous for founding the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which specializes in performing waltz music.

He writes on IG:"From classical to crazy! Last night's concert transformed into a Dutch party after the quarterfinals win of the Dutch team. What an atmosphere 🇳🇱🌹🧡🧀🚲🐄"

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