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Asensio wins online FIFA tournament to help raise money in battling coronavirus

  /  omega17

Real Madrid representative Asensio beat Leganes to win La Liga's online FIFA tournament, which serves not only to bring entertainment to football fans amid mass self-isolation protocols, but also to help raise money in battling the coronavirus.

While the majority of leagues around the world have been suspended due to measures put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, La Liga football continues to go ahead this weekend in the form of a charity tournament on FIFA 20.

Madrid midfielder seals the 4-2 win with 1 from Hazard, 1 from Modric and 2 goals from himself.

There was 142,000 euros donated during the event, plus and extra 40,000 euros generated by views during the three days the tournament was on. La Liga itself donated 100,000 euros. All of these proceed will be donated to charity to help fight against the coronavirus.

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