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DAILY COMMENTS: OFFICIAL! PENAL TEA Company sacks Rashford, Martial and Pogba

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Article 1: Best active penalty takers in Europe: Jorginho outshines Ramos, Ronaldo on 5th

@pitlmor: OFFICIAL: PENAL TEA Company sacks Rashford, Martial and Pogba.

@basketballer: FUN FACTS: Kane Maybe Drinking the PENAL-TEA.... But the Manufacturer of that Tea is Jorginho.

@ishti: Harry Kane has completed his graduation from "Jorginho School Of Penalty".

Article 2: Valverde: It is very difficult to find a player like Dembele in the market

@AritraSarkar: ".......and then make him sit in the bench"

@Hawcisz: If you can't find player like Dembele in the market then go to the wholesale.

Article 3: 'We could have three trophies this season' - McTominay setting lofty targets


1.Uefa Banter league

2.Ole's at the wheel cup

3.We drew with Liverpool cup

4.We beat Chelsea 4-0 cup

Article 4: Herrera: I felt that football was not the most important thing in Man Utd

@Mesut104: Pogba's hairstyle and Lingard's new challenges are more important.

Article 5: Real Madrid starlet Rodrygo named UCL Player of the Week

@Mesballer: Official: Rodrygo took over CR7 Scoring Boots at Madrid.

@Losblancos4ever: This weekend Rodrygo rule All Football. 

Article 6: Guardiola confirms Ederson will miss PL showdown with Liverpool

@TijanMilla: How 'bout they bring in the man!!

@Mesballer: Walker be like: Are you telling me I have another Chance...

Article 7: The mugger who tried to rob Ozil and Kolasinac sentenced to be jailed for 10 yrs

@radcdlno: Emery deserves some jail term too for trying to Robb Ozil some football time.

And here's a special question for AFers today: What 'old person' things do you do?

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