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Daily Comments: First time a human said I have enough money do not need anymore

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Article 1: Eden Hazard turned down mammoth Saudi Arabia offer – ‘I have enough money’


First time a human said I have enough money do not need anymore


He was playing football for fashion not making money he's a GOAT 🐐


he should have said he just can't play anymore and can't keep fit

Article 2: Messi's World Cup shirt set to sell for £8M at auction, breaking Jordan's record




let the celebrations continue.....😜

Article 3: Ballon d’Or winner Papin and Henry in awe of record-breaking Kylian Mbappé


Johan Cryuff: “Balon D’Or? A bunch of journalists and people voting for his FIFA-adopted boy.”


As long as Mbappe remains with PSG, his chances of winning the Ballon d'Or seem slim.


Mbappe can’t match Messi’s record nor Ronaldo.


Yes, 300 but 800 is a different animal. By the way, congrts to him

Article 4: North Macedonia 1-1 England: Three Lions end their qualifiers with a draw away


North Macedonia decided to score for England so the match can seem competitive...😭😅


Never underestimate your opponents 💯 that’s what makes football a beautiful game ❤️