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Dublin labels VAR as 'CRAZY' to take three minutes to deny Grealish's equaliser

  /  autty

VAR's offside decision that denied Jack Grealish an England goal in Monday's European Championship qualifying clash against North Macedonia has been scolded by Dion Dublin over the length it took for review to be completed.

England were denied an equaliser at the start of the second half when Grealish arrived at the back-post to tuck Bukayo Saka's beautifully-crafted cross past the goalkeeper.

However, while replays quickly showed the naked eye that Grealish was clearly offside, VAR began what quickly turned into a ridiculously long check.

Dublin fumed that the VAR check had taken 'three minutes' and scolded match officials for the 'crazy' check that ended up denying Gareth Southgate's side their opening goal.

'Onside or offside surely you can see that with your eyes. It shouldn't take this long,' Dublin said on commentary for Channel 4.

'Yes it's offside but it cannot take three minutes to see that is offside. It's crazy, it  should take 15 seconds. Put the ball down and get on with the game.'