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Grealish reveals he orders FIVE Chinese takeaway dishes after every game

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Manchester City and England star Jack Grealish has revealed that he has an expensive habit after every match he plays, ordering five Chinese food dishes to celebrate.

The winger has been on fine form for both club and country, with potentially the secret to his success coming from an unlikely source.

Most footballers have nutritionists and follow a strict diet, but Grealish has revealed that he induldges in takeaways after he plays.

Speaking on Man City's TikTok account, Grealish said: 'I love Chinese, man. After every game I get one. I go to Wing’s in Manchester.'

Grealish continued to discuss the contents of his order, discussing the five dishes that he treats himself to.

'I usually get a takeaway,' he continued. 'I have Singapore chow mein, I have egged fried rice, I have salt and pepper chips, I have salt and pepper prawns and then curry sauce.

'Then I just mix it all in and have a big free for all.'

The meal would cost upwards of £50 at his local Chinese - Wings in Manchester, where he is a regular, with the Singapore chow mein coming to £20.40 as the most expensive item that he orders.

The Man City star was previously pictured celebrating his side's 6-3 victory over rivals Manchester United with a Chinese, but his order was unclear until now.

He also previously revealed to Sportsmail that he feasted on 16 scoops ice cream during his time in New York City, admitting that he felt the effects when returning to Manchester.

‘You could get some mad room service, like 16 scoops of ice cream!' he said when discussing his stay at Park Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. 'It’s what he got in the film (Home Alone)! I love that film, man. Someone had told me about it (the tour), so we went round Central Park.

‘I went back into train on the Wednesday and I thought, “There’s no chance I’ll be involved”. Then, in the 70th minute, he (Pep Guardiola) says, “Jack, you’re going on!” I was like, “f***ing hell!” I was blowing out of my a**e!’

As long as Grealish is performing on the pitch, Guardiola and Gareth Southgate can look past his post-match Chinese treat as his regular visits to Wing's will no doubt continue.