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Jason McAteer calls out Roy Keane for a boxing fight on live TV to end the feud

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Jason McAteer has challenged Roy Keane to step into the boxing ring with him and put their long-running feud to rest, after the pair reignited hostilities last week.

The pair memorably clashed during a 2002 tie which saw McAteer line up for Sunderland against the legendary Red Devils defender - who was sent for an early bath after picking up a red card for elbowing his opponent.

Tensions were reignited when Keane described McAteer as 'deserving' the sharp end of his elbow as he reviewed his career red cards, adding that he wouldn't 'go so far' as saying that they were both Republic of Ireland team-mates.

Keane added that he didn't believe he deserved to receive his marching orders during the game - only for McAteer to call the Sky Sports pundit 'a clown' and tell him to 'bore off' on X (formerly Twitter) in response.

But McAteer articulated his desire to hash it out and let bygones be bygones with his long-term rival on punditry duty for beIN on Sunday, albeit in a creative manner.

'We’re elite athletes, we’re sportsmen, and we do things to win at all costs. Every sportsman at the top - cricketers call it sledging, basketball players do it, hockey players do it, American footballers - they call it trash talk,' McAteer explained to the panel as he described how he had 'wound up' Keane on that fateful day at the Stadium of Light.

'I knew what buttons to press that day, and I knew if we were going to win a game, my battle against Roy Keane, one of the greatest players, was to get in his head. And I knew I could get in his head.

'We clashed in the middle of the park, his book had just come out - and again, he was derogatory.

'I was a little bit sad about what he said, he told me about what he was going to do to me in the clash and I said to him "put it in your next book".'

McAteer mimed writing as he made the jibe at the Treble-winner before receiving the full-throated challenge, which the former Bolton player called 'cheap'.

'The world’s seen him elbow me,' McAteer continued. 'To say that he didn’t do it, it’s wrong, but to say I deserved it. It’s salt.'

The midfielder added, before calling out to storied boxing promoter Eddie Hearn: 'I’d rather him come in here now and he just, let bygones be bygones, let’s just be civil.

'Or we can get in the ring for £1 m each and fight it out. Eddie, if you're watching. Eddie Hearn, get him on the phone.

'Roy, come on, you’re better than that. And I’ll stop reacting.'

In his earlier X comment, McAteer took umbrage with Keane's dismissal that they were never international team-mates writing: 'And no we weren’t team-mates cause he never showed up and when he did he went home!!!!'

Keane dramatically left Ireland's World Cup training camp before the tournament in the infamous Saipan incident.

The Sky Sports pundit was unhappy with the conditions of the Irish camp, travel arrangements and their food.

He also said he had 'no regrets' over leaving despite people questioning his commitment because he had 'no respect' for manager Mick McCarthy who was 'in bed with the Irish media'.