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Prandelli: Inter Milan produced complete team performance for derby win

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Former Italy coach Cesare Prandelli says Inter Milan produced a complete team performance for Saturday's derby rout of AC Milan.

Inter thrashed their neighbours 5-1 on the day.

Prandelli told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Inter gave me a clear impression: a battleship. Starters and substitutes make the same contributions: quality, quantity, physicality.

“And whoever is on the pitch, the game doesn't change. No dependence on anyone, unlike Milan.

“For what we saw today, on Leao. In the first half Milan had almost 70% possession but finished little, they allowed Inter to be merciless in the face-offs and that being theoretically being in control of the game actually ended up penalising Leao.

“That in the only real action in depth, with two touches he went through on goal. When you have a lot of possession, the spaces close, you can be a champion all you want, but if there is no space…

“Compared to the first games, a lot. And more generally all the options on the wings were missing, the full backs remained wide, but one-on-one they were always doubled up. And even trying to bring the full backs down in the middle of the pitch didn't work very well."

On Inter, he also stated: “Pressing of the forwards, very coordinated, with perfect timing in the aggression. Great density in the middle.

“Recovering the ball and counter attacking straight for the goal, they played it like that and won it like that, vertically. That was the first key to the game."