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Serie A season could finish TODAY admits Italian Footballers' Association chief

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The Serie A season could be called off today with coronavirus continuing to wreak havoc in Italy.

Chairman of the Italian Footballers' Association Damiano Tommasi believes there's a chance the conference call on Monday will bring an end to the campaign.

As it stands, Italy is lockdown and more than 10,000 people have already died after contracting coronavirus in the country.

All sport has been suspended and Serie A games will not take place until May 3 at the earliest, an almost outlandishly optimistic date.

Tommasi thinks there is a possibility that today's conference will discuss every possibility, including cancelling the season.

He said: 'There will be one more element on the table compared to previous weeks, because after the words of Minister Spadafora, there's concern that the season will end here.

'It's therefore necessary to tackle the problem of ending the season from a sporting point of view and a contractual one; in short, formally.'

The union chief also told Corriere della Sera: 'We are available to do our part, but first we need to understand if we will resume play or not.

'The priority is the health of everyone, even the players.

'I hear about teams that want to train; we follow the protocol of the medical federation. It's a difficult moment and we have prioritise.

'Football isn't the priority now. We must understand that it's necessary to change our habits. The issue of sustainability of the system is also of interest to us and we want the economic balance to be preserved.'

He also touched on the fact that Giorgio Chiellini has persuaded the Juventus players to take a pay cut.

The reduction in wages for first team players is expected to save the Italian champions £80million.

'As for cutting wages, we seek, if possible, a common solution. Juve moved forward, but what they did didn't take us by surprise,' he added.

'We knew all about it and we don't feel delegitimised. Among other things, Chiellini is our advisor.

'If there are no disputes between clubs and players, we're not required to intervene. If they've found an agreement, that's fine,' he concluded.

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