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Simons, the star from the Netherlands who was earning a million euros at age 16

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The Dutch attacking midfielder, owned by PSG, is one of the most promising players in the world. At Euro 2024, he has already provided three assists.

Xavi Simons (Amsterdam, Netherlands; 2003) is already one of the most high-profile global soccer players. If anyone was in any doubt, check out his brutal, thumped shot after just seven minutes of Wednesday’s Euro 2024, where he put the Netherlands into the lead against England.

But Simons was already in the spotlight four years ago when, as a youth player at Barcelona, it was revealed that he had signed a contract with PSG worth a cool million euros annually (around a million dollars). A salary more fitting for a professional footballer, justified not only by his evident potential but also by his media star status: he had millions of Instagram followers and a sponsorship deal with Nike.

Simons’ moves around Europe

Upon arriving in Paris, he continued to showcase his immense talent in PSG’s youth academy, one of the strongest in Europe. He was a sensation in the Youth League and debuted in the first team under Pochettino, playing 11 matches alongside Neymar, Mbappé, and Messi.

Since PSG couldn’t guarantee him a regular spot in the starting eleven with those three legends in the attack, Xavi Simons decided to return to his homeland (although he was raised in Alicante, Spain, he was born in the Netherlands and represents them internationally) and signed with PSV. What many perceived as a step backward, he used to become one of the best players in Europe at 19 years old, scoring 22 goals and providing 12 assists, leading PSG to activate their buy-back option, which he accepted.

On loan from PSG

Last summer, in 2023, he was once again a PSG player, but they allowed him to go on loan. This time, they didn’t want to repeat the mistake of the previous summer when they nearly lost him for good (the buy-back option included a clause that required the player’s acceptance). This season, in a top league, he has been decisive once again.

At Leipzig, Marco Rose positioned him on the wing, although his natural tendency was to move into the box frequently. He racked up 10 goals and 15 assists. He is lethal in open play, with defenders struggling to track him. Besides his speed, his powerful long-range shots stand out (ask England’s Pickford!). A truly exceptional talent.

Xavi Simons is now proving in professional football that those who believed in him when he was just a kid were not wrong. He made his debut with Dutch senior national team at the Qatar World Cup and hasn’t missed a call-up since. In fact, his prominence has only grown, and he is now indispensable for Koeman. There have been some doubts about his performance with the national team, but against Romania in the round of 16, he played his best match for the Oranje. The coach has no doubts about him.