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Stadium Tours: A football fans' paradise in East Greenland

  /  Henri2333

It’s hard to believe that someone would play football in a place as inhospitable as this. But Greenland has a national team, over 70 clubs and 5,000 players. Without even one regular field!

A football match takes place in Tasiilaq, Greenland, on a pitch surrounded by stunning scenery including deep blue iceberg-peppered water and snow-capped peaks 

Key facts

Capacity: 500

Country: Greenland

City: Tasiilaq

Clubs: ATA 1960

Inauguration: 1960

History and description

With just over 2,000 inhabitants, it is the most populous community on the eastern coast, and the seventh-largest town in Greenland. The fog and low clouds obscured the surrounding mountains but accentuated the remoteness of this town.

Set in the town of Tasiilaq in eastern Greenland, the Tasiilaq stadium has an incredible backdrop. The area is volcanic, explaining why, with dimensions of 90×65 metres, this pitch is the single largest piece of flattened land in the area.

Built in 1960, it has never reached full international size or gained a real grass surface and spectators often sit on nearby rocks to watch games, but this all just adds to it’s charm in our opinion. We just love how it sits between these almost toy-like coloured houses, overlooked by the snowcapped peaks of the Qimmeertaajaliip Qaqqartivaa mountain behind.

With a population of around 2000, Tasiilaq is Greenland’s seventh largest town. After Iceland’s unprecedented success at the Euros in 2014, perhaps Greenland is the next team we should be keeping our eyes on!

The Tasiilaq football pitch doesn’t offer much in terms of quality, but it is hard to beat when it comes to its lavish scenery. In fact, in absence of regular terracing, spectators usually occupy nearby rocks during games. The host team ATA 1960 trains various age groups of both sexes.