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Cardinale says consistency, not trophies, the driver of their AC Milan 'investment'

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AC Milan owner Gerry Cardinale says consistency, not trophies, is the driver of their "investment".

Cardinle was speaking on a panel of experts at the Michigan Institute of Technology's 'Investing in Global Sports' seminar.

“One of the things that surprised me is that Milan has the second most number of Champions League trophies after Real Madrid. I hadn't really kept up with that.

“But it's an undermanaged asset.

“Serie A has a right to have a seat at the world table and Milan have a right at that table. It's our job to do that."

On his desire to win multiple Championships, Cardinale added: “In sport, you can't buy championships. I would obviously like to win the Scudetto and the Champions League every year, but if we did it would be contrary to our job.

“Our job is to get a return on this investment and if every year the same people win it wouldn't work, right? It would make the evaluation completely dilutive.

“What we can control is to reduce the performance variability. The thing that I find phenomenal is that a lot of people come into the sport and think that the 'The goal is to win championships.' Of course, we all want to win, but if you look at it through the purely non-emotional lens of an investor, the goal is to consistently perform."

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